Day 1: The Closet Challenge


Day 1. I loved seeing all the positive response yesterday! It's interesting to read the comments from some of you who have always felt challenged in this area but didn't know how to combat it. That's exactly how I've felt for years. I truly believed that the Holy Spirit inspired me to finally do something about it.

There were a lot of you who were curious about the guidelines for the Closet Challenge. Sorry for not including those in my post yesterday. Leah and I used the following when determining our choices for the month:

  • 30 day challenge for the month of September. But you can join us at any time :)
  • Use only 7 separate items of clothing
  • Motto and prayer for the Challenge: “Jesus, help me to simplify my life by learning what you want me to be and becoming that person” – St. Therese of Lisieux.
  • **Freebies: I gave myself accessories, shoes, bathing suits, workout clothes, pajamas, and undergarments as freebies. Anything that I wouldn’t wear out in public fell into this category. Plus, each of these items has a specific purpose. You wear a workout shirt to the gym and only the gym, a bathing suit to the pool etc. That was my logic when it came to my freebies. 

Those are the guidelines we landed on for ourselves, but if you desire to change or add things to your own list, go ahead! There’s no Closet Challenge police coming after you if you decide to do 10 pieces instead of 7. The purpose is to get away from excess, use the fast as a prayer and to gain perspective.

For those of you following along, I wanted to share with you the items I chose for the month. Keep in mind that when I was picking out what I was going to use, I had to plan for 3 ministry events, 1 wedding and a film shoot. After much deliberation, I landed on the 7 items below. It was definitely not impossible, it just took some thinking and good planning on my part. 

Here the 7 items I chose and why I chose them:

1 T-shirt — For casual days / when I’m traveling and don’t feel like wearing a nice top.

2 Nice tops — Both of these tops are great choices for ministry events. They can also be worn as an everyday kind of shirt when I’m going out with friends, going on a date, or going to a coffee shop to get some work done (like today :)). 

2 Pairs of pants — My black pants are super comfy and almost operate like leggings would. I also chose jeans so that I could create different looks with the 3 shirts I chose. Both pairs of pants could be used to dress up or dress down an outfit depending on the accessories and shirt choice.

1 Maxi skirt — I am singing at a friends wedding this month and was invited to the rehearsal dinner, so I needed to add something that could somewhat dress up one of my shirts. Plus, maxi skirts are super comfortable and can be used with almost any kind of shirt, whether it’s a nicer shirt or a t-shirt. I’m happy I decided to include this piece :).

1 Dress — Like I said, I had to plan for being at a wedding this month. I'm also going to be a part of a ministry event this month that requires nicer attire than just jeans and a shirt. Plus, I sometimes use this dress as a “tunic shirt” over jeans, so I can use it as another top option for the month.

There you have it, my 7 "companions" for the month. Things are going great so far. Then again, it’s only been a day, but I’m excited already for what God is doing in my heart. I'll update again soon. Peace.

Live simply so that others may simply live
— Gandhi