The Closet Challenge: Round 2


"We need to do another closet challenge."


My initial reaction when I received the above text from my friend Leah was complete dread. The closet challenge was awesome last year. (If you weren't a part of the journey last year, you can check out my initial blog about it here: The Closet Challenge). I learned a lot about myself, I gave away a ton of clothes, I dove into some areas of personal struggle and unhealthy attachments that I didn't even realize existed. But doing it again? Isn't that the definition of insanity?

Well, insane or not, we are doing it again. 

7 items of clothing. 30 days. 

What's the point of doing the challenge? What are some things we learned about ourselves by doing it last year? Leah and I had a conversation about it on her podcast called Do Something Beautiful the other day, which you can find here:  (And while you're at it, I highly recommend subscribing to it :))

Join us in doing the closet challenge for 30 days in October! Use #TheClosetChallenge in your social media posts and follow along with ours:

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